About LoudBlast

  • Location: Villeneuve-d Ascq, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
  • Genre: Thrash/Melodic Death Metal Enrage

Short Biography

Loudblast is the forefather of the French THRASH /DEATH metal scene.
Formed in Lille, France, its first 2 demos spread via bootleg copies quickly became a huge hit in the underground scene. It opened the doors for its first release in partnership with Agressor which became a cult split LP. ï'‚¿'‚½Licensed to Thrashï'‚¿'‚½ was released with huge success in 1986.
1989 first album : "Sensorial Treatment" ; followed by important concerts with Coroner, Watchtower, Sacred Reich and Manowar... "Disincarnate" (1991), was the fruit of its first working collaboration with Scott Burns of Morrisound Studio inTampa, Florida, The mecca of Death Metal. This new album confirmed its status and propulsed it to the frontstage of the European scene, where it shared the stage with Death, Cannibal Corpse and Sepultura, confirming that Loudblast had become the uncontestable leader of the metal scene in France.
The 4th Album "Sublime Dementia" also recorded in Morrisound Studio in 1993 saw the start of the artistic colloboration with the painter Bolek Budzyn who, since then, made the band's artwork for the major part.
In the same year it released a mini album "Cross the Threshold" produced this time in collaboration with Colin Richardson. Racking up tour dates, it also found itself on stage with Carcass and Entombed. Voted ï'‚¿'‚½best Live Groupï'‚¿'‚½ by Kerrang for its performance at the ï'‚¿'‚½Marqueeï'‚¿'‚½ gave it the privilege of opening for Iron Maiden.
The first LIVE album of the group, ï'‚¿'‚½The Time Keeper ï'‚¿'‚½ was released in 1995. Then the band spent long sessions in its own studio LB LAB to preproduce its next album.
In 1998, the release of "Fragments" with a more Heavy orientation placed directly Loudblast in the ï'‚¿'‚½ Top Album Sales ï'‚¿'‚½ in France. At the end of 1999, the band decided to put an end to the musical adventure with the release of "A Taste of Death", a compilation of best hits and unheard releases. Getting back together in 2002, with Alexandre Colin Tocquaine, Agressor's guitarist, Loudblast performed a tribute concert in honour of Chuck Schuldiner. The album ï'‚¿'‚½Planet Pandemonium" saw the light in 2004.
2009 - 2010 : Releases of the live DVD and the remastering of the first 5 albums with 17 bonus of unheard, unreleased material like "Sensorial Treatment" and "Sublime Dementia"'s demos, and also the tracks from the compilations "In The Eyes Of Death" and "Brutal Generation".
2010 is the year of LOUDBLAST's comeback, headlining major festivals this year (Hellfest,Lï'‚¿'‚½z'arts Scï'‚¿'‚½niques,Metal Ride ...)
2011 LOUDBLAST annonces their new album.